Director Wilfredo Figueroa
and his wife Mayra                                                                              

Men’s Mountain Retreat                                                                                                                            



Get together at the local Park                                                                                 Men’s Family Picnic at Griffith Park




Window washing at the Center

Yard work at the Center

Yard work at the Center

Welding repair at the Rehab Center

Repairs at the Center

Carport Repair at the Rehab Center


Working hard at the Center

Tree trunk removal at the Center

Painting the Center

Repairing the floors at the Center

Painting the Rehab Center

Painting the Rehab Center

Cleaning vegetables at the rehab Center

Thank you Josefina! for the vegetable donation

Cleaning vegetables at the Center

Very Thankful ! Mayra Figueroa

Graffiti Removal taking a break

Director pressure washing sidewalk

Graffiti Removal

Roof repair

Class time at the Center

Dinner at the Center

Thanksgiving Bird!

Carving the turkey Alfonso & Alfredo

Family time

Family time at the Center

Director with men celebrating Christmas at the Center

Christmas with the children at the Center