Rehabilitation center: Located at 624 S. Chicago Street, Los Angeles , Ca, 90023

Mission Statement
Our “Mission Statement” Rebuilding lives shattered by drugs and alcohol.
We provide shelter, food and clothing to the homeless and to families in our community. 
Facility:  Centro de Rehabilitacion Ebenezer Inc. is located at 624 S. Chicago Street Los Angeles, has the capacity to provide care for up to 18 men.
Program:  During the 33-year history, a program has been developed which completely transforms the lives of the men who come from the streets, prison, or referred by local community agencies. The primary vehicle for long term recovery is the Recovery Curriculum. The material provided and required for graduation is designed to allow each student to acquire a knowledge of life changing principles and include such topics as, 8 principles of recovery, How to Win Over Depression, Healing for Damaged Emotions, Handling Conflicts, Freedom from Co-Dependency, Principles for Decision Making and Goal Setting.

Director: Wilfredo Figueroa

Non profit corporation 501(c) (3) C3084533 Tax ID #26-2705762